Follower Focus

This class is taught by Maren

Video inspiration:

Oct. 19th 16:25 - 17:55

Class description

BYOL: Bring your own Leader!

In this class we will focus on technique and challenges for Followers: frame, rhythms, footwork variations, postures and what the heck do we do with that free arm? Bring your own leader! The class will be free for your leader (or a follower friend who has some leading skills). Having a dance partner (that is an intermediate or above level leader dancer) will be lot of help to you for practicing the things we will be working on. Get ready to break some patterns and open yourself up to broaden your horizon.

Intermediate-advanced Lindy Hop follower and up. You should already feel very comfortable on the social dance floor, know your basic Lindy Hop inside out as well as some variations that you sprinkle over your dancing every now and then.

What to bring:
Your most comfortable Lindy Hop shoes.
Comfortable clothes (maybe a second shirt to change when you get sweaty!).