Frequently asked questions and answers:

Is this event for women only?
No, even though some single classes might be open for women only to create an environment as safe as possible for the focus of the specific classes/talks.
Overall this event is about women open for everyone!

What do I need to bring? To wear?
See the descriptions of the classes to see if you need to bring specific things for the different classes. If you want to join any of the lunches, send us an e-mail letting us know if you will bring something for the buffet!

Which classes can I take without previous dance experience?
There are plenty of classes you can take without any previous dance experience. Check out the class info for more information.

Why do we need a weekend all about women?
Because sexism is still real today and as our swing dance community is just a small part of our society we deal with sexism among us just as much in our little pink-swing-dance-bubble as we do anywhere else.

You are unsure about sexism today? Read 160+ Examples of Male Privilege in All Areas of Life ( or 10 Everyday Sexisms (

Does this mean this event is anti-men?
No, not at all! Men or any other gender you identify with are welcome!
Feminism is not anti-man, it’s pro-everyone! (Read more about that here)

While this event is focusing on celebrating and empowering women, let’s not forget that there are more issues in the swing dance scene we need to inform ourselves about!

Black inclusion in Lindy hop a group discussion:

Talking about inclusive language in Lindy hop:

Why is this event called Sassy Jazz?
Many similar events all over the world that are about women in swing dancing are being called ‘Girl Jam’. We wanted to take a step further and not include ‘girl’ into this event name (because why are we always calling women ‘girls’ but never men ‘boys’?). Sassy describes a lot of things, often used to describe women but far more important: a lively person full of spirit and that’s what we want to be! People who are bold, cheeky, confident and full of spirit! The gender you identify with is not the priority but if you do identify as a women and you feel like this workshop empowers you, makes you happy and feel good, we did our job right!

Swing dancing sounds fun, where can I learn more in Vienna?
See the different dance schools that teach swing dancing in Vienna here.

Will this event happen again?
The Sassy Jazz Weekend might come back next year around the same time.