This class is taught by Maren

- for women* and non-binary people only -
Oct. 20th 10:00 - 11:30

Class description
In this class we will work on some Burlesque dancing. Depending on availabilities of chairs, we will try out some chair dancing. Burlesque - and especially chair dancing includes slow, sensual and sexy movements that will not only put us in a position where we will find ourselves in close relationship to our bodies but will also demand a lot of strength from us. As the material of this class might be a new form of moving for some people and potentially bring them to step out of their comfort zone, we want to create a space in which all participants can feel comfortable. For that reason we ask for only people identifying as women/femme/non binary to sign up for this class.

In this class we will be working on the dance and movement aspect of Burlesque, not on striptease. Taking of any items of clothing will be optional.

This class is suitable for all levels.

What to bring:
Comfortable clothes. You can do this class barefoot, in socks, in heels or in regular dance shoes. Whatever you feel most comfortable in OR whatever you want to try out!